What we do

Vuna is helping farmers in East and Southern Africa battle the impacts of climate change. Vuna, meaning harvest in many languages of the region, exists to transform the agriculture sector so smallholder farmers are able to improve their livelihoods in the face of current and future climate shocks.

Our programme is strengthening the climate smart agriculture (CSA) evidence-base, piloting ways to link farmers and private companies in agricultural value chains, and improving the conditions which enable successful farming.

Vuna will set the foundations for a regional approach, connecting countries to build the climate resilience of farmers and improve food security for both rural and urban communities.

What is Climate Smart Agriculture?

Climate smart agriculture is a set of practices and technologies which can enhance the climate resilience of farming systems. It can increase agricultural productivity and income sustainably while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

CSA can improve the livelihoods of farmers and strengthen the agricultural sector as a whole. For this reason, in Africa there is an interest in encouraging smallholder farmers to adopt resilient practices, whilst simultaneously identifying a system-wide approach.

However, evidence of what works well is still evolving, farmers are struggling to access markets, and conditions which should enable progress are not sufficient. This is what Vuna is working to improve.